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The Romblon Discussion List - Cultural, Livelihood and Educational Assistance for Romblon (RDL-CLEAR) is a non-profit, non-government, apolitical and non-religious organization of Romblomanons. It is composed of two legally registered organizations, the RDL-CLEAR USA and the RDL CLEAR Philippines. Its members, however, are scattered in different parts of the world - not only in the US and the Philippines.

Its mission is to provide assistance to the people of Romblon with emphasis on culture, livelihood and education as embodied in its name. RDL-CLEAR hopes to fulfill its mission by uniting Romblomanons.

The organization sprang from the Romblon Discussion List, an Internet discussion group for Romblomanons which was established in 1998.


Although RDL-CLEAR uses the Internet discussion group as its primary medium of communication, the discussion list is different and distinct from the organization. In the discussion group, non-members, non-Romblomanons or even foreigners may participate in the discussion.

Anyone can post anything in the list. Other listers may choose to ignore, rebut or support the posted message. Unless the RDL-CLEAR officially makes its position on certain issues, the views and the comments posted are basically of those who made the posts.

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