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Sweet Heritage

Sa ako katislok it kaka yuber yuber it kaling computer ay ak ikinasapoy kaling SANROKAN. Abang kasadya nakong nag kadabkadab kag ak roghan sa pag hunahuna nak hali sa mayadong lugar ay pay ako'y nakapauli ra sa Romblon. I was also led to your column to share some comments of our beloved Romblon.

I am Daryl Faderogaya Famisaran from Dapawan Odiongan Romblon, 45 years old. I've been here in Mindanao for 31 years now. Hali abe ako nakaeskwela, nakapangempleyo ag nakapamilya. I have just one important concern for our identity as Romblomanon. Sa ngasing nak bag-ong henerasyon kung napauli ako sa Romblon ay Tagalogey kag sugrong it mga anak kung imo pangutan-on. Ako'y nalilisor nak osang adlaw kung magpauli ako ay wayaey ako't maaabutang Odionganon dahil pulos Tagalogey.

This Romblon's mother tongue Bantoanon, Odionganon, Inunhan, Sibuyanon is a rich heritage so sweet to our ears and dear to our hearts, which we Romblomanons can be so proud of as our identity.

Ak naroromroman pa it kato, nak kag mga dayo sa ato kung nakakatooney it Odionaganon ay ato inasuli ray kag bisaya agor magsabor ag indiiy maintiyendihan it ato bisita rabono.

What else can we be so proud of kung wayaey natog totodlo-an sa ato mga anak? Ak ing hongor nak gador nak hina sa Odionagan mag aray (eskwela) kag ak anak, ing agwanta kag kabuyong agor makatoon it ato bisaya kinang ak anak ay asing kung natawag ako sa cell phone ay Tagalog kag sugrong. I believe we can still do something to this serious matter.

Daryl Faderogaya Famisaran




Hi Editor. Is it possible for you to get in touch with Zayra F. Andal who wrote about  Prinsipal Lucs Fosana (Asi) in the December 2005 issue.   I just want to contact  "Nang Lucring" who I know personally well and who I haven't had contact since 1986.  Or if possible, could you please request Ms Andal to get Ms Fosana to get in touch with me directly.  Ms Fosana is one of my childhood idols and I treated her as my second mother when I was growing up.  Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you and kindest regards.

Ruth Moss
Executive Assistant to the Registrar
Workers Compensation Commission
Tel: 8281 6481  Fax: 9261 3156
E-mail: Ruth.Moss@wcc.nsw.gov.au

Craving for Santa Maria
It is great to see the beautiful places our island province has. Moreso, it is nice to read articles written by our kasimanwas. I am
looking forward to read articles or see pictures featuring the newest town of Romblon; that is, my beloved hometown Sta. Maria.
Congratulations and more power to you and your group.  Thank you.
Rommel 'Bong' Hernandez Glori
November 10, 2005
A native of Sta. Maria, Romblon. Now residing in Manila, employed at the Ateneo de Manila University 

On Saving our Dying Culture
We are hopeful and optimistic that the Romblon Culture is not dying. I have been here in U.S. for 10 plus years and I have not forgotten my ethnic identity... as a Bantoanon descendant who grew up in Odiongan, a place of many kinds of ethnicity... Tagalogs, Onhans, Bantoanons, Chinese, Hiligaynons, Mangyans, etc. My Bantoanon ethnic identity did not die as I grew up in Odiongan. What we call the Odiongan dominant culture did not diminish my Bantoanon ethnic identity but enhanced it.
I know there are many of us who have their own way of interpreting their own ethnic identity.
Del Famatiga
August 14, 2004

Nice Tourist Information
I like the article about San Agustin. It is indeed a scenic attraction and an primeval beauty.

Eddie Calderon
February 24, 2004

Viva Español!

Dear Kuya Eddie (Calderon),
Thanks for forwarding me the link to the Sanrokan and the article of yours on Spanish therein. Spanish is actually muy facil de aprender para los filipinos. There are 5,000 - 7000 words of Spanish origin in the Philippine languages. That's a wealth to start with if one really wants to learn Spanish.
Its very valiant and kind of you to write something on Spanish, ya que no tenemos que olvidar por completo nuestros vinculos hispanos.
A few days ago, a friend of mine who has a Ph.D. in History asked me to read and transcribe some manuscripts that he got from the archives. Estan en castellano! (como si pudieran estar en otra lengua, jejeje). The papers are correspondences
and reports of the Spanish officials and priests of Cagayan de ORO. Y que riqueza de historia alli se quedan ante mis ojos! Un expediente habla de una peticion de los ciudadanos para que no se removiera el cura parroco. Y esto a pesar de que, como nos enseñaban nuestros maestros de historia, los curas eran tan malos como el Padre Damaso!
Knowing Spanish really opens our eyes to ourselves and our history, not the kind that is taught with so much bias against the Spaniards by Americans and American-trained authors . No es decir que nos olvidamos a los abusos de los espanoles. Pero la historia de mas de 300 anos de presencia española aqui es mucho mas que eso. Asi los manuscritos me han mostrado.
Un abrazo,
Raymund Addun
Quezon City, Filipinas


Jaynes' Poem
I really enjoyed Jaynes' poem. Not having spoken Romblomanon for years, it reminded me of my youth. Alas, my fluency in Romblomanon is gone...but Jaynes warmed my heart with his poem.
Lu Darling Fondevilla Bongolan
Plano, Texas, USA
9 January 2004

Kung Baga sa Bigas
I read the following 5/13/2003 posting by Doc Simp on your Website. If he still hasn't got a copy of KUNG BAGA SA BIGAS, tell him to email me his snail-mail address and I'll send him an autographed copy of the book gratis. I don't usually give away copies of my books to people I don't personally know, but someone who took the trouble of queuing up before three counters deserves a reward.
Pete Lacaba
December 29, 2003


CALATRAVA, Home of the Enchanted Hidden Sea
Good day. I just want to give to the world a little glimpse of my hometown, Calatrava, Romblon. Here's the site: http://www.geocities.com/jrom_ph/calatrava.html Actually I am making some restucturing of it from time to time. I am just learning to make websites. Hope you like it. Thanks,
Jerome C. Fetalvero


I got hooked to your website after I found my new poem in your September 15, 2003 issue. Your website is quite interesting and very informative. I am now at work and to do justice to my office work, I decided to turn off my computer after reading several interesting articles on your website. I will have to get back to your website after work hours.

Eddie AAA Calderon,Ph.D.
Minneapolis, Mn USA
September 15, 2003

Dear Editor,
Greetings! I am a Simaranhon and happened to view the Sanrokan news of 3s Islas. It is a great site and a very informative one especially for those citizens who are Romblomanons and are now leaving abroad. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

That was a moving mission. I hope most professionals especially the medics could do it again not only to our place but also to the other isles of Romblon. We have so many indigent kababayans who can hardly seek medical help from the hospitals nearby because of financial constraints.

In behalf of all Simaranhons, I thank you and all your staff for making this a success. This site is a great help too! To all the people behind this, thank you! I thank you in anticipation of your kind heart.

Sharon Fallurin Advincula


Not insular
Looks like the site is on track - it is not insular. Even if it is ostensibly focused on Romblon it still includes stuff about other regions of the native land. This editorial policy makes more non-Romblonians aware of Romblon.
Keep it up! I hope somebody will post more pictures of Romblon.
Fred Natividad
Dec. 07, 2002

Odiongan too
Dear Editor,
The experience and observation of Mr. Tom Villars were very factual and interesting. I wish he would find time to venture into another business in Romblon especially in the town of Odiongan where business is booming nowadays.
Romy Carrillo
Nov. 27, 2002

Where is Sibale?

I have read with interest your article about Romblon in the Sanrokan wibesite and I found it so amusing the way you presented the interesting facts about the province. However, there are some omissions that I have noticed therein. For example in the map of the province, my birthplace, Mestre de Campo, commonly called SIBALE is not included. Not even a short write up about the place.
It is one of the island municipalities comprising the province of Romblon, But it is nearer Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro than Romblon capital. May I suggest if you have time that you see the www.sibale.com. In there, you will find interesting facts about Sibale that might be worthy for inclusion in the Sanrokan wibesite.
Thank you for your wonderful write-up of the province of Romblon and hope you have more time to visit the different towns with places of interest of the province in the near future.
Eufronio M. Fallarme
Seattle, Washington

Dear Eufronio:

Kindly take a look at our new updated map on the Romblon page of this website. We certainly made sure Sibale or Maestro de Campo is now included! :-)

Sanrokan Editors
November 18, 2002

Hi, kabayan!

A friend from Europe forwarded your website. She knew I am a Romblonese.


Did I say that my eyes turned moist?

Two years ago, with five other families, Cometa, Fetalvero, Faderon, and Flores we formed Romblon Association in Manitoba (RAM. Eventually, we have plans of organizing "Marble Foundation" to raise funds to assist our talented kababayan pursue complete post secondary education.

I write for the Filipino Journal (senior columnist). Recently, I was appointed as Director for Asia-Pacific Affairs cum Special Advisor to the CEO to a newly minted corporation. I am also the human resource development manager of an immigration law firm here in Canada.

Human resource, business development, and column writing are my passion. I
am a man of one wife (I hear chuckles when I mention this to the "puti"), father of two good looking teenage boys (mana sa tatay...nagyayabang na), and Romblonese by heart.

With your vision, perhaps, we could link all Romblonese in Diaspora. There is a synergy of forces in our midst. Do you know that the current Ambassadors in Belgium and in Australia are Romblomanons?

Best regards to one and all...

RG (Bob) Gabuna - Canada
August 11, 2002

Hala bira mga taga Romblon!!!
Trevor A. Montojo
Quezon City, Philippines - Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 06:31:09 (CDT)

Mabuhay ang Romblomanon
Labi ang taga-Looc diyan. Maayong adlaw......Im proud of us Kasimanwa......
Manila, Philippines - Tuesday, July 30, 2002 at 08:28:52 (CDT)

Mabuhay ang Romblomanons!!!! :)
Nikki Montojo Ropa
Quezon City, Philippines - Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 01:48:58 (CDT)

Mabuhay ang mga Romblomanon
from Simaranhon web community
Orville Fajilan Batangas, Philippines - Monday, July 15, 2002 at 21:21:35 (CDT)

Very impressive. Great Job.
Araceli Lachica-Fradejas
West Covina, California USA - Tuesday, July 09, 2002 at 16:31:58 (CDT

Congratulations from Albay

Well done!!!!!
Norma C. Caayao
Philippine Geothermal, Inc.
Tiwi, Albay
July 16, 2002

June 12th Father
Aloha to you all!

I would like to express my gratitude to Rinzi Fadrilan for the article "Long Live America! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!" I am one of the Professor Gabriel Fabella's children who now live in Hawaii. I have lived in the USA since 1968 after my Madrid education. I am a public high school Spanish teacher although my first major was Pilipino in UP Diliman.

Last June 12th, the highlight of the celebration here was the inauguration of the biggest FILCOM center (USA). It is an impressive 14 million- edifice erected near an old sugar plantation.

I thought I would share with you after brother Max pointed it out to us.

I love your website! What an excellent job! I hope to hear from you soon.


Josephine Fabella Miller

July 9, 2002

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