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RDL-CLEAR Sibuyan hosts
3rd Writeshop on Local Tongues

THE THIRD Writer’s Workshop on Three Romblomanon Languages was hosted by RDL-CLEAR Sibuyan Chapter at Cantingas River Resort, Taclobo, San Fernando, Romblon on March 1-3, 2006. Around forty writing fellows from Romblon and Tablas islands as well as those coming from the nearby towns of San Fernando unleashed their literary prowess in a series of lectures and workshops about creative writing.. 4more


Eco-tourism is the word of the season as Romblon soon connects in the nautical highway via the Santa Fe port. This river in Jun Carlo, San Andres is among the refreshing sceneries local and foreign tourists will enjoy. Join our guest scribbler Charry as she shares the stories behind this river and the precious legacies of her Lolo Ino.


Verses 1001

Sugal ng Buhay


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  Meet the
  Writing Fellows

Asi: Asin, Tubi, Boay ag Tudlo

Ini: Ang Gulong Kag Tawo

Onhan: Sa Diin Kaw Kadya?

Ini: Arado o Libro

Onhan: Ang Ginto nga Pangsulat

Asi: Sa Ruhang Maggi ag Osang Itlog



     According to the Seismological Society of America, a tectonic line which runs almost northwest and southeast passing the northeastern part of Mindoro island crosses the southern part of Tablas in the place where Looc Bay is. There are several ground depressions in this area such as the Looc Bay itself and the many ponds and small lakes in  Alcantara, Looc and Agmanic near Santa Fe. When the last strong earthquake occurred on April 27, May 17 and 19, 1919, the shocks were strongest in this part of the islands, thus proving the fact. - Mateo Meńez on his book Brief History of a Typical Philippine Town




Kanidugan Festival. Odiongan makes a mark as the country's coconut capital through the Annual Kanidugan Festival held every first week of April coinciding with the town fiesta. For early registrants to Sanrokan 2006, the grand Kanidugan Festival will be a generous prelude to savor the treats and festive spirit. Taken at Rencio's Resort.  (Click image for larger view.)


BPL Technology:
    Romblon's Pride

    By Martin F. Lasaga III

Provincial Amnesia: Language as a Cure
by Nicon F. Fameronag

Sibale: A Misannexed Municipality
by Atty. Eufronio M. Fallarme


Young Firmalo guests RSC Student Day

Scholars back seminars in a row

AMICUS says 'no' to drugs

BNHS '81 to mark silver homecoming


Ang Pamana ni Lolo Ino

Sa Bukir

How Pinoys Got Spanish Names

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