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Verses 1001

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His Blood Most Precious

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Onhan: Sa Diin Kaw Kadya?

Asi: Asin, Tubi, Buay ag Tudlo

Ini: Ang Gulong Kag Tawo


Onhan: Parola

Asi: Bagulayag

Ini: Arado o Libro


Onhan: Ang Ginto nga Pangsulat

Asi: Sa Ruhang Maggi ag Osang Itlog

Ini: Itsura, Salamin ng Pagkatawo


Verses 1001

Rod Galicha



eyes blink

salt liquifies that flows


the finite fine soft skin

of ebony

caressed before




by your hands


through the ears

whispering adieu





still longing for





searching through

in the horizon,

horizon of the unkown.


Editor's Note: A native of San Fernando, Rod Galicha is a cum laude Philosophy graduate from the University of Santo Tomas and first recipient of CMMA Best Student Magazine Award as senior and literary editor of The Owl Magazine. He taught Philosophy and Humanities at Colegio de San Juan de Letran in Intramuros for almost three years and became president of the Faculty Club. He is now a customer care associate for a Texas-based company.

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