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RDL-CLEAR Sibuyan hosts 3rd Writeshop on Local Tongues

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RDL–CLEAR Sibuyan hosts

3rd Writeshop on Local Tongues


THE THIRD Writer's Workshop on Three Romblomanon Languages was hosted by RDL-CLEAR Sibuyan Chapter at Cantingas River Resort, Taclobo, San Fernando, Romblon on March 1-3, 2006. Around forty writing fellows from Romblon and Tablas islands as well as those coming from the nearby towns of San Fernando unleashed their literary prowess in a series of lectures and workshops about creative writing.


The workshop is a continuation of RDL-CLEAR’s commitment to preserve the local languages whose frequency of use is gradually dissipating in many parts of the province. Noemi M. Romero, RDL-CLEAR Sibuyan Chapter President was relentless in hosting the workshop despite oppositions and problems arising during the preparatory activities. The organization was able to tap the support of RSC Sibuyan administration, faculty and students and the local government of San Fernando that gave rise to the convenient accommodation accorded to live-in participants.


The ambience of the chosen venue, the Cantingas River, one of the cleanest inland bodies of water in the country, was just appropriate in freeing the genius among young Romblomanon writers. Although majority of the participants were from Sibuyan, the diversity of the group was not sacrificed as asi and onhan delegates easily sunk into the Sibuyanon culture.


Lectures on poem, feature, short story and one-act play writing were delivered by the experts in the locality. Mr. Nicon Fameronag, a famous young Romblomanon impressed the crowd with his spontaneous thoughts and lingos that are difficult to fathom. He lectured on how to write poems creatively.


The masterpieces of the participants across different genres were reproduced and compiled. Each participating school was given a copy. Some of the selections will be published on-line in the future issues of Sanrokan News Magazine.


“It’s been a long a time nga kita gabinulagay and now that we have found each other, waya na makapabuyag sa aton. Let us continue cultivating and fertilizing what we have. Asi, onhan and ini differ only in spelling but our souls are entwined. Only a true breed Romblomanon can love these islands more,” said Romero.


The following are this year’s writing fellows: Reynald Andres, Cirilo D. Balao Jr., Joema R. Capinig, Waynah Lou V. Dacayan, Jessie G. Eleuterio, Ish Fabicon, Mark Anthony Fallaria, Nicon F. Fameronag, Randy M. Garcia, Sunshine S. Iquiña, Aiza May Lara, Diana Grace Magallon, Godwin O. Marcelino, Kaye Ann M. Osunero, Jica Fern Perez, Jasmin R. Rada, Mary Ann M. Ravalo, Alwayne F. Refe, Erwin R. Rey, Ma. Carmensita J. Riva, Ma. Lovely B. Romano, Barbara G. Romero, Leslie Rose B. Rutor, Mary Rose Rutor, Rick Brennan Rutor, Juana May Sato, Donna Bel F. Sy, Sharmie Nicole B. Tansingco, Ma. Klim Vicentuan, Kia Camaelle R. Viñas and Rolly Viñas.

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