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Young Firmalo guests RSC Student Day


Trina Alejandra Que Firmalo, the congressman’s second child was the guest of honor during the Student Day Celebration of Romblon State College Main Campus on February 13, 2006.


Trina graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines Diliman with the degree AB Sociology. A Champion debater who had been in international debating competitions, she was eyed by RSC student trustee Alfredo Fortu to share her thoughts on the event’s theme given her vast exposure and long list of achievements, “Ipakita sa mundo, RSCians tayo.”


Trina enumerated reasons why RSCians in their own little way must be proud of when they get out of the world off the academe. Her extemporaneous message delivered in a conversational manner captured the attention of students and teachers who were around during the opening ceremonies.


“Knowledge without purpose is futile,” Trina was quote saying. She also stressed that it is only when knowledge is shared and purpose defined that it becomes beneficial and functional.

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