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Increasing Returns:
BPL Technology: Romblon's Pride

By Martin F. Lasaga III

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By Nicon F. Fameronag

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By Atty. Eufronio M. Fallarme


By Martin F. Lasaga III

E-mail: martlasaga66@yahoo.com


BPL Technology: Romblon’s Pride


On my table was a piece of an unused coffee sachet. I grasped and ran my fingers on it trying to figure out what good does it give me since I’m not a coffee-drinker.


The inscription “3 in 1” suddenly caught my attention. Ah…, coffee, cream, and sugar. That’s it. On the other side of the pack reads: One sachet makes one cup of rich, creamy coffee. “ Still another eye catching lines, harmonized in blue speaks: “Quality and Trust” and “Talk to Us”.


This coffee sachet gave me the idea to share with you a technology integrated invention – the BPL or the Broadband over Power Lines. But unlike the coffee which I don’t take, I’m certain the BPL has great things to offer in this information age.




Nextream Broadband, a company based in Hallandale, Florida has formed its Philippine counterpart chaired by retired General Pedro G. Dumol to introduce a unique ands state-of-the-art BPL Technology.


The technology has integrated three distinct services: internet, telephone, and cable TV into one system. So to speak, “3 in 1”.


With the system, “the rural folks will be connected through the powerlines and wireless networking, even without the telephone lines and cables. It provides Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), videostreaming similar to cable TV and internet gateway, said Nextream CEO Tyrone Javellana – a Filipino– American. It is likewise capable of reaching transmission speed of up to 200 Mbps over low and medium voltage powerlines.


Manila Bulletin, citing Javellana, reported that the BPL was tested by some 20 utility companies in the United States in 2004 alone and more groups in Arizona, Michigan, Idaho, Florida, South Carolina, Louisiana and other states are trying them this year.


In the Philippines, the invented BPL technology was launched last month in Balanga City, Bataan in cooperation with Peninsula Electric Cooperative (Penelco) and the Nextream Broadband Philippines. “It aims to rev up Philippine economy in the country side and enhance people’s lives by fully wiring and connecting rural areas or its 54,000 barangays at the least cost.”


According to the report, there are now 28 BPL specialist who are tasked to oversee the propagation of the technology in the rural areas.


Here’s the score. Why is this breakthrough so significant in the history and life of Romblon? It is because one of the key people in the top management of Nextream Broadband is Mr. Ronald Fesalbon, the Chief Technical Officer and spokesman, who is a native of Malilico, Odiongan, Romblon.


Mr. Fesalbon is a graduate of Instrumentation Engineering at the Don Bosco University. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jose and Elena Fesalbon.


During the launching in Bataan, Mr. Fesalbon was quoted by Manila Bulletin saying that one way to get out of poverty is to get oneself a good education.


When I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Ronald Fesalbon February 23 thru his very accommodating parents, he said that one major aim of the BPL is to promote education in the rural areas.



Source: Manila Bulletin

February 2, 2006

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